Stay Out of Jail With Bail Bonds

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Except in extreme cases, individuals arrested for and charged with a crime have the right to a bail bond that allows them to get out of the custody of the police officials and back to regular life. Some situations that might relinquish the right to a bail bond include:

  • Violations of penal codes numerous occasions
  • Prior jai/prison escapes
  • The judge thinks the individual is a flight risk
  • Severity of the crime

When the judge places a bail amount, the arrestee can pay the full amount to the courts and get released from custody shortly thereafter. Since many bonds cost well into the hundreds or thousands of dollars, most people don’t have the money to pay the bond in full. So, they turn to a Westmoreland County bail bonds service to help them.

Using a bondsman service allows you to pay 10% of the bail amount, plus a small bondsman fee, to get out of jail. So, a bond of $5,000 would require a $500 fee paid to the bondsman, in addition to the bondsman fee. Once these monies are paid, you are released from custody after the paperwork is completed.

Bail can be posted any time before the scheduled court appearance. Upon signature of a bail bond with a bonding company, you are agreeing to appear in court on the date and time indicated, or forfeit the bond and are arrested and placed into custody until your next court appearance.

Bondsmen help men and women get out of jail quickly and easily, even when they are without the full bond amount needed. You shouldn’t sit in jail waiting for a court date when you are innocent until proven guilty. Thanks to the services provided by bondsman, getting out of jail and avoiding such a scenario is easy.